Analyse des caractéristiques du canal MIMO dans mine souterraine


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Nehme, Ali (2019). Analyse des caractéristiques du canal MIMO dans mine souterraine. (Mémoire de maîtrise). Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Repéré dans Depositum à

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Short-range wireless communications technology has been embraced by the underground mining community in the last few years as a critical part of their method for enhancing the security and productiveness of their operations. In this work, we will demonstrate how the deployment of modern wireless communication systems, primarily based on MIMO antenna array technology will be affected in unique environments like underground gold mines. This work first explores the relation between the number of modes in a lossy waveguide environment and a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output antenna array size. Besides, knowing that beamforming for Massive MIMO is not suitable for deployment in underground mines. We demonstrated that applying beamforming in waveguide-like structures can enhance the performance and that by choosing the appropriate precoding techniques at the transmitter and receiver. Then, in order to achieve more reliability to the MIMO channel, a theoretical study obtained in mine comparing the capacity and power for different antenna configurations. Finally, we estimated the number of propagating modes in a rectangular cross-sectional mine environment and express it as a closed-form function of excitation frequency and waveguide cross-sectional dimensions and length. The presented formulas can be used to estimate the number of modes in the given shape quickly. By applying those previous methods before deploying the wireless communication system in mine, engineers can save time and cost. Besides, they can achieve the highest capacity within the implemented environment by building a wireless channel which is suitable for their desired frequency band.

Type de document: Thèse ou mémoires (Mémoire de maîtrise)
Directeur de mémoire/thèse: Kandil, Nahi
Codirecteurs de mémoire/thèse: Hakem, Nadir
Mots-clés libres: MIMO, estimation, ray tracing, underground mine tunnel
Divisions: Génie > Maîtrise en ingénierie
Date de dépôt: 18 déc. 2019 15:03
Dernière modification: 18 déc. 2019 15:03

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